Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My American culture in fifteen phrases or less (hint: it's less)

So I have just signed up for my visa-required dutch course.

Of course it’s not actually required strangely enough.  Because coming to work here is supposed to be mostly for the cultural experience, on the visa application, the family must list certain things they plan on doing with me to introduce me to Dutch culture.  Taking a language course just happens to be the easiest thing to fill out.  So it’s not actually required, it’s just one of those “you should take it anyway, so why not make the family pay for it?” things.  In fact, a couple of my Columbian friends who are aupairs are actually planning on taking an English course instead.  Plus Caro and I are going to have days where I help her with English and she helps me with Spanish.  She already knows a lot of English from being taught it in school.  I already know some Spanish from Dora…not the California Public Schooling system unfortunately.

Anyway, back from the tangent. As you may have noticed, I’ve been writing words of the day every…well…day.  I’m learning more and more every day with the help of the parents, Fien, various print I read, and of course television.  But today I really noticed how much English I’ve taught my family.  Especially Fien.  What’s actually the most fun is attempting to explain what they mean.  Try it…how would you respond if someone said, “what is this ‘dude’?”  Or “What is the girl ‘bro’ called?”

So, here’s a list of terms, words, quotes, etc. that were not common in this household until I came along.

-Get it, got it, good

-Swiping (as in “Swiper no…”)


-What’s Crackin?
-C is for cookie…

-Sounds like a plan Stan
-Hit the road jack

-Sign language for “more”

-Sign language for “all done”

Nina – Unfortunately I have yet to get Fien to say “you’ve got it dude.”  But soon, have no fear!

Ok, so there you go.  Hope you enjoyed that.  There’s no word of the day today because really, I just gave you 14.


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