Sunday, December 6, 2009

My first sleepover!

Last night, after the Sinterklaas party, my friend Lily came to visit. She hadn’t been to my house yet so we decided to have a sleepover to kick-start the Holiday Season and then scope out the best beach spots for the summer season. Lily got a kick out of how tiny my house was, something I’d never really noticed before…

Then we made guacamole and mashed potatoes (not together,) and settled down to watch “The Holiday.” I love “The Holiday.” It’s such a good Christmas movie. I have such good memories of it – from when I first saw it in theaters with Suz, to when Cam and I sat around drinking wine while watching it, to last Christmas when Ben and I made hot chocolate and decorated for Christmas while watching it. We also had our separate mini wine bottles…Then, since we were both in food comas, we decided against a second movie and went to bed so we could wake up (relatively) early for Holland’s version of Black Friday. Although the sales aren’t as great, the Sinterklaas things (and by things I mean chocolate and candy) go on major clearance. So we grabbed some pepernotten to last us for at least a couple months, some wrapping paper for next year in the States, and some chocolate letters. Of course we also had to grab what has turned into my favorite link to America…Then it was time to show Lily Noordwijk! We walked along the Hoofdstraat and took a typical Dutch tourist photo…Then continued onto the beach which was particularly pretty today since it wasn’t too foggy…Then we had fun running among the Dunes…We left soon after though because it was super windy and rainy…When we got back, we decided to also celebrate Hanukkah, by using the leftover mashed potatoes and making delicious potato pancakes…So with our potato pancakes, and chai tea all ready, we sat down to watch a couple episodes of Arrested Development. But soon we were interrupted by a knock on the door. Fien had come to visit! Although she was a little shy, we soon were all having a really good time…I think this may have been the best weekend yet! Celebrating Sinterklaas should be on everyone’s holiday must-do list. I think Andy Williams said it best when he sang “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Word of the Day: aardapplen - potatoes

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