Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Apologize on America's behalf

Well, Fien has been sick all week which means two things…
1. My days are pretty chill since she gets to be spoiled and watch Dora ALL day (but damn is my Dutch getting good)
and 2. I of course am starting to get sick.

I spent the day (bundled up I assure you) in Amsterdam doing a variety of things which I’m going to write all about tomorrow. But since it’s late, and I should get some rest, I just wanted to share one little anecdote...

Today I learned why the rest of the world hates Americans. I’m sitting on the train heading home, and two people sit down across from me. The man is in jeans, collared shirt, v-neck sweater, blazer, and coat, and sporting a flavor savor goatee.  The woman is in a long coat, big bag, spiked heel boots, bleached blond hair, obvious lip liner, with a cell phone. And then this is the conversation I heard...

Woman: God I hope they know what they were talking about.
Man: They didn’t even stamp this thing (talking about train ticket)
W: How are we supposed to know any of this. (looking at back of ticket) I mean how are we supposed to understand this? I don’t see why it would be so hard to print it all in English. I mean we all speak it.
M: I just hope I understood what the guy said with that accent of his.
W: I can’t believe we have to take the train. You could have called someone.
M: It was last minute.
W: Well god, it’s not like you’re not important.
M: Oh look Schipol, we’re here.

And Scene.

And I know I kid you not because I was writing in my notebook and immediately began writing down this conversation instead. I don’t think they knew I was listening because I had earphones in, but my music was low enough to hear it all. But I was this close to pretending to help them and instead then telling them they were on the wrong train. Or at least telling them to not come back because they were making me ashamed to be an American.

In fact, this came to mind…

(Note: There's a little ad before hand...that is not what I'm talking's the SNL clip that you are to watch.)

So Holland, Europe, and the World - on behalf of all the a-holes out there, allow me to apologize for their lack of consideration, lack of manners, and lack of culture. They know not what they do, and I know not how to get rid of them.

Word of the day: leuk - nice


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  2. hahahha oh wow. thats pretty awful. they *could* have gotten cab but they're probably too dumb to figure out how to flag down a cab in a foreign county! gaaaah!

    ps. its 'leuk'

  3. So before that SNL clip played a commercial promotion "Buy American" or the like came on... and at first, I thought THAT is what you were talking about... and I was so confused!!!



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