Friday, December 11, 2009

I charge 4 bucks an hour

I babysat for the first time last night. It was weird because it was for Fien, a child who has been in my charge for over a month now, yet “babysitting” is such a different experience. In fact, I don’t think I’ve "babysat" since the summer before my freshmen year of college, and even then, it was during the day. The last time I did any sort of watching of a child, I got about $15 an hour which yes is nice, but not too uncommon. Here in Europe, I’m getting paid an AMAZING 3 euros (equivalent to $4.43.) And they say it’s not a labor of love.
Putting a child to bed can be an interesting time. There’s of course the crying for Mom and Dad. And the sudden inability of the children to move their limbs in any way helpful to the putting on of pjs. And then lack of hygiene consideration given when they insist on brushing their teeth all by themselves. Yet somehow, through the tears, they almost always cooperate.
Needless to say, I got Fien in bed (after Dora of course) in what I would dare to call record time. The key to this feat was my permission to allow her to sleep in her parent’s bed, and let them put her in her crib when they got home. She has an amazing sense of security there and falls asleep almost instantly. In fact, she looks like a little angel…It’s also the first time I’ve been in the main house after 8:00 at night. It throws you off a little, because you continue to go about your nightly routine, but it’s in a different house, and yet that house is only a couple meters from your actual house.
Surprisingly however, I did not watch a single episode of Cheers last night (I KNOW!) Instead I caught up on my Modern Family and Community (two of my favorite new shows this year,) watched a lesbian verbally kick a closeted homosexual’s butt, and admired a man (I voted for) accept with humility, a promise, and a really great speech, one of the greatest honors in the world. Then I settled down for a nice read of my new book, which I learned a lot from…I’m sure they’ll be a post about it soon.
When the family wasn’t home by midnight, I took the baby monitor into my house got ready for bed. I didn’t have to work until noon today, so I wasn’t too worried about my bedtime. I took my melatonin and settled into bed ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Word of the day: leuk - nice

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