Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like...well you know the rest

So as you know, I already got my Christmas tree. But today I was able to take the little box of things the family gave me and decorate my house (and the tree) for the Holidays!
First I had to get my jam going, so I put on my Christmas song playlist which is so completely diverse it includes Alvin and the Chipmunks, 98 Degrees, and Dean Martin all in one playlist. Not to mention a couple Nutcracker songs, my favorite, Mariah Carey, and one R-rated ditty about the elves cursing out Santa. And just so you all can also be in the Holiday Spirit...

There you go...let that play while you continue to read. So, with the holiday season on in the background, I set about decorating my tree. Now, those of you who knew me in the last couple years, know that every year the tree seemed to get bigger and bigger. But with my six-foot tree in my parent’s garage at the moment, I make due with about 12 ornaments, a gold plate, a string of lights, and a star/bow-thing I fashioned myself. I think it turned out pretty good although it kind of wobbles to one side like a Who tree…I then decide on the couple other things strategically placed around. Of course it’s nothing compared to the explosion that used to be my apartment, but I feel that much more in the mood, being able to look around and feel in the Holiday Spirit. And it’s nice to sit down every night for a movie or some “Cheers” and get to look at this…Now all I need is a nice cup of my special apple cider, maybe some pumpkin pie, and I’m set. But that’s something for another time and another blog.

Word of the day: Kerstboom – Christmas Tree

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