Thursday, March 4, 2010

See you next October!

As you may or may not know, applying for a visa in EU is a little...interesting.  To sum up, you're not allowed to be in the EU for more than 3 months without a visa, but you don't find out the status of your visa until about 5 months into your stay.  So really, you could just pay 300 Euros to stay in the country longer.  Just saying.
I was fairly sure I was going to get my residence permit.  There was nothing on my application that was out of place.  And I had written proof that my night involving a pimp offering body shots of coke and a large black woman named Juanita would have no affect on my application status.  Or maybe I just had forgotten to mention that. :-D
I got my letter a couple days ago.  But it was in Dutch...and I couldn't read it.  And my family wasn't home.  And it was really hard to type a five page letter into google translator.  So I had no idea.  At all.  It was a little weird.
But long story short...I got it.  And I'm here.  And I'm so incredibly happy.  And I didn't even have to marry a hot dutch guy.
The end.
See you October 28th.

Word of the Day: burger - citizen


  1. its hollish guy jeez

  2. Congrats lady! You're officially a European burger.

    That was so much fun to type. Seriously.

  3. That's great! Congrats on getting to stay!


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