Monday, March 29, 2010

Smooth as Porcelain

It’s time for a new series here at 5371 Miles Away.  And I even spent extensive time finding a picture, and creating a cute little icon for whenever I decide to write for this series.  What is this series about you ask?

That’s right.  The “enemy” as it were is any and all things that I did not expect to give me such a problem.  Of course they're things that aren’t really that harmful, hence the awesome goomba icon, not something really scary like Freddy Krueger or Carrot Top.  Just things that (probably because I’m a nanny) have become an issue for me and I probably thought I would not have to deal with them until I had children of my own.  Like this entries enemy…

The potty-training-potty.
Look at it!  It looks so cute, and pink, and friendly looking.  WRONG! Who would have thought this tiny €3.50 piece of plastic would be the cause of so much stress in this house.  And we try to make it easier.  There are actually four of these things strategically placed around the house (and mine) so as to create the optimal outlet for Fien’s…well outlet.  And, when she goes on it, she gets a treat, a high five, and a Libby/Lily exclusive “Pound-It.”  And, when she starts going often enough, she gets BIG GIRL DORA UNDERWEAR!  But until then, she is stuck in training pull-ups which are so much harder to change…things…tend to…fall out…*shudder.*  But does this give the little princess the motivation to sit on her throne?  Oh no.  Of course not.  Except…and of course there’s always an exception…
-In the middle of a walk.
-In the middle of a bath.
-Right after she gets a clean diaper.
-When we can’t find the potty.
-When Fien is covered in paint and only hopes of movement from the table involves Libby holding her at arms length begging her not to touch anything.
-When Libby is also using the bathroom.
-When Libby is in the middle of almost burning something on the stove.
At those times, Fien is perfectly willing to let me know that the time for the potty has come, and her pants are most likely already around her ankles, countdown commencing, and nothing stopping me from having to mop up a very disgusting floor but some really good instincts and the sheer grace of God.

I know all parents have gone through this.  But honestly, I didn’t even factor this into any sort of Nanny duties.  Ever.  If it were up to me, she’d be in diapers until next October. But it’s not, and she’s not, so I guess I must deal.

Word of the day: potje – little potty


  1. Good luck with teaching the potty duties! I wouldn't have the patience for it!

  2. Ha ha, I've got all this to come, thanks for the picture you've just painted!! Happy SITS day, enjoy it! :)

  3. UGH... i hate potty training. really there is nothing worse. good luck and thanks for making me laugh. I have 2 down and one to go.

    Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

  4. Love it, I can't wait till mine starts. lol

  5. LOL! I'm so with you on this! My son has his big boy Diego underwear on for the first time today! He didn't start til he was 3 1/2. Had NO desire. All of the sudden it was like a switch. He's had like 1 or 2 accidents since he started. YAY!!
    Great blog!

  6. Seems like yesterday ... I can still feel the aggravation! It's all worth it though ... soon, the poop and mess and pull ups will all seem like a dim, hazy memory. In fact, you may read this in a few years and say, "oh, yeah! " and maybe think the whole thing was actually kinda cute!

    p.s. We finally did the "Toilet Training in Less Than a Day" (or something close to that ... it's a book) and it was BRILLIANT!

  7. Potty training is a nightmare!

  8. Ugh, glad it's not me, I have a serious gag reflex.

  9. Yes, potty training is a challenge!

  10. I keep reading mommy blogs, and without fail every single one has mentioned things... falling out of diapers.

    Good luck with the training!

  11. LOL, glad I don't have to worry about that one.

  12. oh, the evil potty. We tried and tried and tried to get my oldest to use it. She showed interest then nothing...until one day just before she turned 3 and she used it, on her own, with no prompting...and never looked back.

    I really hope my younger daughter starts this process sooner. I am so tired of diapers :op

    Visiting from SITS

  13. Yes, we can all feel your pain. I felt like buying my kids a car when they mastered potty-ing.


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