Monday, March 1, 2010

Piece of Me: March/Birthday Edition

It's March already!  I did not write a lot last month, but I made up for it in pictures and stories right?  But seeing as it's the first, it's time for "A Piece of Me."  The Tooth Fairy, started it, so you should go check her out.  Also she has a McLinky thing, so if you want to join in, you should let her know and then we'll all be this one happy community!

 This month (March)…

I like: That it's my Birthday month!! What what!

I don't like: sauerkraut.  I've tried it three times's still gross.

I want you to know:  That I will not be having a quarter life crisis about the fact that I am going to be one year away from 25 which is five years away from 30 which is 10 years away from 40...gasp...ack...oh right I said I wouldn't be.

I've planned: absolutely nothing and this has made me realize I need to get on that.

I want to say to someone special: Emperor Caesar: Beware the Ides Of March.

Picture of the month:

Word of the Day: Maart - March


  1. Oh I hate saurerkraut, it's just so nasty! Yay for it being your birthday month!

  2. Yikes. March already! I remember stressing out at 24 because I was going to turn 25. Best to stress out about being 40 when you're 40.

  3. I didn't think I'd saurekraut, but it grew on me.

    and *cough* *cough* don't knock 40! Lol


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