Friday, March 5, 2010

What I think of the Hollish

I decided to write this after reading my last comments.  One of which is anonymous.  But it really could only have been written by one person – my brother.  Now if you readers are like I think you are, you endlessly scour not only every blog post, but all pictures, posted links, and subsequent comments.  And I love you for that...or maybe it's just my mother.  But you’re probably wondering what the last comment was all about.  See it here.  Or I could just tell you…
It says “its hollish guy jeez” referring to my mention of the Dutch boy that I don’t have to marry now that I have my residence visa.  And I can’t not let you in on a little inside joke right?  So here’s the story…
I was in the car with my mom, David, and Nina, on one of the painfully long car rides that had resulted when all three of us lived under the same roof that summer for the first time in five years.  How painful and or long was it you ask?  We weren’t even out of the housing complex yet…and I had already decided on both adjectives.  But I digress…
My mom and I were talking about if I ended up staying there...I think...I don't really remember the pre-conversation.  But you see Mags was staying there.  And you never know, I could potentially meet the love of my life, and get married, and have average height babies (my shortness would even out his tallness.)  To which David poked his head in between the driver and passenger seats and said “Yea you can meet a nice Hollish boy.”  It is at this point that I should interrupt my story to tell you he was not joking.  He will tell you he was…he is a liar.  It was also at that point in the story that the entire car went silent.  Even my sister.  And let’s be honest, a lot of things go over her head.  In fact I think all of us were surprised those words didn’t come out of her mouth.  But even more surprising were the words that did come out of her mouth “You realize it’s ‘Dutch’ right?”  Proceed with laughing from the rest of us.
So that’s the story.  And now I’m always calling things Hollish instead of Dutch.  Which I really need to watch because I’ll end up saying it in front of someone who doesn’t know I’m joking or doesn’t read my blog and they’ll think I’m just as stupid as my brother was that day (kidding Dave…love you!)
But now that I’m back from my travels where German (albeit three different types) were spoken in three of the four countries, I have news for my bro-sif.  In German, ‘Hollandisch’ or ‘Nederlandisch.’  So there you go.
Also in writing this blog, I checked out Urban Dictionary.  And allow me to tell you what I’ve found.  Keep in mind, Urban Dictionary is written by anyone who wants to submit a definition.  In fact Stephen Colbert got his viewers to submit pages upon pages of entries turning “Canada’s History” into a sex act.  True story.  But anyway, here’s what UD had to say:
1. A term used to refer to the language and the people from The Netherlands; it is considered more accurate than "Dutch" because it doesn't conflict with the German (and Hollish) word for the German language: Deutsch.
2. The nationality of someone from holland or the netherlands
and last, but certainly not least...
3. Someone, (especially female) from Holland (aka Denmark) can redeem yourself if you can tell me what's wrong with the above definition.

Word of the Day: Nederlandse – Dutch (in Dutch)


  1. What a fun post : )
    That is great that you can get your Mom to read your blog! I can't get mine too!

  2. haha thanks liz thanks. I'm guessing something to do with the holland aka denmark, but i dont wanna be wrong on a post that people actually read hah


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