Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tweet this mutha

I have a confession…
Now, every one of you has good reason to be critical of me. I want to say to each and one of you simply and directly, I am deeply sorry for the irresponsible and selfish behavior I engaged in. I know people want to find out how I could be so selfish and so foolish. People want to know how I could have done these things to my friends and to my readers. And while I have always tried to be a private person, there are some things I want to say.
I am officially a tweeter.
Or a twat.
Or maybe a twit.
Anyway you spell it, it’s pronounced “hypocrite.”

When I first heard of twitter I swore I would never have one…ever.  We were even throwing around the idea of having it for a class so that we could give opinions during lecture to be read later…still against it.  And I’m glad they didn’t decide to do it, because I think I would have flat out refused. 
But then I got a blog.  And when looking at another rss feed type thing, I liked that the author had updates as to the status of any new material…”currently writing” or “no post tonight” etc.  So I got a box for my blog.  And then I deleted it deciding I hated it.  But then I got one again.  I liked it for the plain fact that Grammy and Mama wouldn’t think I fell in a ditch in the middle of nowhere because I failed to post one night. (No they don’t really think that, and no I have yet to fall into a ditch in the middle of anywhere)
Then fellow bloggers started having giveaways and you got an entry for following them!  Well that sounds like a deal to me!  Commence the following of blogs, and possible retweets.
Then I read this entry at my good friend Ali’s blog.  And my interest was peaked.  And after seeing this amazing comic last firday and discovering I could tweet a congrats to him, my mind was blown.  Not only can you basically send personal messages to any celebrity who also owns one (read: EVERY celebrity) but they can reply back?!?!  That was it.

And here I am.
Follow LibbyCox510 on Twitter

Now I’m no Perez Hilton, or Britney just yet.  And unlike Miley, I don’t think I’ll be deleting it anytime soon. And I have yet to understand the whole #thing.  And texting costs me a lot so there's definitely not going to be a constant stream of updates.  But it doesn't matter because I’m now on the search for people I’m a fan of.  And I will let them know when I think they’re awesome.  And when I have something thought provoking.  And maybe…just maybe one day…there will be an @LibbyCox510 waiting for me…preferably from LadyGaga.

P.S. The first part is a direct quote of Tiger Wood’s official press conference.  In case y’all were wondering.

Word of the day: gekwetter – twitter (they actually have a word for it!!)


  1. First of all, how honored am I to receive a shout out on your blog?

    Answer: Very.

    And I too was one of those anti-Twitterers/twats/haytahs. It takes time, but somehow, they always manage to drag you over to their side. You know, the Twitter side.

    Love it.

  2. Haha! I was the same way when I first heard about twitter and now I tweet alllllllll the time!


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