Thursday, April 1, 2010

Piece of Me: April Edition

Another month gone by!!  And I've come to a very important decision.  It's a big one.  And it's the first of the month, so here is my announcement via "A Piece of Me."  The Tooth Fairy, started it, so you should go check her out.  Also she has a McLinky thing, so if you want to join in, you should let her know!

This month (April)…

I like: the Bay Area...a lot...I miss it.

I don't like: The Netherlands that much anymore.  It's still cold, I miss my friends, and I can't deal.

I want you to know:  That I have decided to leave and go back home next month.

I've planned: to stop writing in my blog after my goodbye post tomorrow.  Be sure to read it.

I want to say to someone special: Holland - though I will miss you, it's for the best.  I've immensely enjoyed my time here, but I think it's time to go.

Picture of the month:

Word of the Day: April - April


  1. You didn't tell me this in your email, missy! I am happy you know when it's time for a good thing to come to an end. And I will be sure to come back tomorrow to read your goodbye post!

  2. This is cuz of the potty training, isn't it....?


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