Friday, April 2, 2010

Piece of Me: APRIL FOOLS

Ok...for those of you who guessed it...yes...yesterdays post was an April Fools Joke.  April Fools is actually celebrated here (simply called Day of Fools), so I figured I'd participate.  I'm sorry.  I had to.  I've never actually pulled one off.  But according to the comments and emails...apparently I succeeded.  I think this one was better than the "Mom, guess what you're going to be in nine months" one I was thinking of.  No...I LOVE the Netherlands.  I love my host family.  And I plan on being here for seven more months. (Wow five months already?)  So to apologize for sending every single one of you in a tizzy (that's the third time I've used that word this week,) here's a real "Piece of Me."

This month (April)…

I like: Peeps...both the marshmallow type, and the home boys type...and both are nowhere to be found!!!

I don't like: My hair...I want a cut or color or change of some kind.  Maybe soon.

I want you to know:  Though I will be hiding Easter eggs for Fien because I'm awesome, I'll be skipping an attempt at the whole "Easter Bunny" thing.

I've planned: A weekend trip to Germany and the Movie Park, and hopefully another trip somewhere in there.

I want to say to someone special:
Mom- sorry if I worried you, but don't you think I would have talked to you before letting the whole world know?
Ali - you're right I didn't mention it in my email...and you even had a April fools reference in your blog.
Grammy - I hope David told you it was a joke.

Picture of the month:

Word of the day: dag van de dwazen  - fool's day


  1. Um, you TOTALLY got me on dag van de dwazen! And to think...I got all emotional and sensitive on you. Liz, it's good you know when enough is enough of a good thing. HA! Joke's on me. And your mom...and your grandma...

  2. Haha, that's by far my favorite Easter cartoon!

  3. great buny cartoon. just stopped by from SITS to say hi; hope you will do the same.


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