Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top Ten: A whole lotta Dutch

Last week in Dutch class we were talking about speaking Dutch in public and whether or not we can get by.  I was saying how my Dutch is far from conversational, but there are certain things that I know.  However, when I’m hanging out with Fien, I sound like I’m an expert.  Why?  Because I only say about twenty phrase total…I’m just on repeat all day.  So I figured today for my Top Ten I would give you…

Nee - No

Niet nu - Not now

Wat is dat in Engels? - What is that in English?

Wil je heb... - Do you want... (literally, "Will you have...")

Heb je een plasje gedaan? - Did you go to the bathroom? (Literally, "Have you done a pee?" damn potty training...)

Dat is (niet) leuk/lief - That is (not) nice/sweet

Ik heb een idee - I have an idea

Voorzichtig - Careful

Bedankt voor de leuke dag - Thanks for the nice day

Goed zo - Well done,Good Job, etc.

So now you can come here and take care of a two year old with no language barrier!  OK, maybe I'll do a part two since I did say there were twenty, not 10.  But that's at least until next week.  Anyway...hooray!

Word of the day - er...see above.


  1. Dutch is an awesome language. I think I know why - and my friend articulated it perfectly: it's a lot cuter than German!

  2. Cool, thanks for the tips. Very similar to English in ways, and Dutch/Scandinavians always speak such good English. I might be heading to a Dutch festival in London next week so these will come in handy! Nice to mee you, from SITS :-)

  3. Hallo, hoe gaat het?
    I wish I can speak more Dutch. My grandma is half Dutch and when I was little I never bother to learn it from her. Yes, I understand a few words here and there but not enough to actually carry a conversation. She still have relatives in Holland too and I wish one day I can come visit. :)

    Anyway, stopping by from SITS.


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