Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Queen!

This post has been pre written because I am spending the day in Amsterdam cleebrating.
Queen's Day is the Queen's Birthday...
Except it's not actually the current's her grandmother.  But rather than confuse people, they just chose a set date to celebrate every year.  And celebrate they's like New Years on crack.  Or actually, since it's Amsterdam, New Years on Space Cake.  And it turns the country into a gigantic sea of orange clad flea market-ers.  Do not get me started on the Orange...seeing as the flag is Red White and Blue...we're just gonna go with it.  Here are the things you must do on Queen's day...

-Wear Orange...and lots of it.
-Sell things on the street
-Drink...a lot
-Wander the streets because nothing is actually open, because everyone is celebrating.

Every store has plenty of orange things for sale.  I myself have collected some choice items to be shared on the actual post about the actual Queen's Day that I experiences.  But here are some things that I debated on buying.  And by debated on buying, I mean...I really saw each and every one of these things in person for sale...

Hopefully, I'll have many more real pictures to add to this.

So Happy Queen's Day Holland!  And Happy Birthday Queen!

Word of the Day: Koninginnedag - Queen's Day


  1. i've been to the netherlands twice and have always wanted to go on queens day!! i have cousins there. at least i did get to see the tulips :)
    i'm just finishing up a year abroad myself (france) and have no idea what will happen when i go back to the other side of the atlantic.
    hope you enjoy your sits day!

  2. It's because historically they come from the Huis of Oranje... get it??? *L* You should try their Carnival in January... Crazy. I spent a year in holland when I was 16. Loved it! happy SITS day!

  3. Sorry I'm late but I was in Vegas on business. I live such a hard life...

    I am a Dutch girl living 5371 miles away from home as well, the other way. Of course I have to leave you a comment. I love your Dutch word of the day, I have been doing the same thing at work but I admit to slacking off. Now I have you for inspiration (theft really)! Thank you.

    I have to correct you on one thing though: April 30 is not the Queen's grandmother's birthday but her mother. I hope you had fun. I sure miss it...

    Happy belated SITS day!

  4. Great post. And I am also a Dutch woman living in the States. I love it here, but I do miss certain things that are typical Dutch, like Queen's day. You have a nice writing style!

    Have a great weekend!


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