Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ugly brown eggs, and yummy apple tarts.

Well, tomorrow is Easter.  Although here they have two Easters - one Sunday and one Monday.  Kind of like Christmas.  Because that's how the Dutch roll.
Anyway, I've been getting ready for it with Fien.  And how do you get ready?  Well first you make up an Easter Basket.  Oh wait, I can't find them anywhere.  I can find real baskets, but I'm talking about the wonderfully cheap dollar tree baskets.  I'm not looking to spend 15 Euros here.  So I settled for an Easter tin.  It looks like a basket...only it's metal.  Anyway, that will be revealed tomorrow, because I already wrapped it.  And I'll be giving it to time for an explanation of a large Bunny coming into her house in the middle of the night to leave a basket for her.  I don't need her going to school and having her teachers looking at her like she's crazy as she tells them about the Easter Bunny who gave her an Easter Basket - two things unheard of here.  And then the basket/tin will be used on the Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard (weather permitting).  I've been busy organizing (read: buying chocolate eggs) because again, unheard of, but unlike massive rabbits, not crazy to talk about.  Oh and there's no such thing as plastic eggs!  I know!  I wish I had thought of it sooner, because I could have told my family to send me a dozen or so of the THOUSANDS of them that we have in our Easter box.  So what do you have to do before you hunt for eggs?  Well you have to dye real eggs of course!
Here in Holland, you don't so much dye eggs as you do paint them.  Which means no easy/ready to use sets to be bought at the Blokker.  And painting just seems way too complicated.  So instead I just used some vinegar, water, food coloring, plastic bowls, and my awesomeness.  First we did a test round on the only eggs we could find - brown ones.  Which is probably why they paint them instead of dye.  And since there were only three, we went with just one color.  Fien chose purple which made for a perfectly ugly colored egg.  But Fien still had a blast...
The next day I was actually able to find white eggs at the Vomar, which is rare.  But I did it!  So I hard boiled the lot (so I can make some yummy deviled eggs on Easter - just like Mom used to excited.)  Anyway, I also got some crayons for Fien so we could color the eggs first and then put them in the dye to have fun designs.  She decided she wanted her name on one, so we made a whole set...
Then we put them all in the dye.  Fien was AMAZED at how a white egg suddenly came out of the cup a beautiful pink color.  Although the whole crayon wax/dye resistant thing went over her head.  She also continuously used her favorite English phrase "let's go check" (one I use often) while taking the eggs out of the cups to see if they were ready and then letting them drop (and splatter) back in.  But I'd say when we were done, we had a pretty good looking group of eggs and she still had a good time...
Nope, that's a yawn...
THERE WE GO! But the point is to look at those good-looking eggs!!!
Then, as my contribution to Easter brunch, we made a yummy apple tart.  Breakfast here is much more breads and sweets as opposed to the American ham/sausage/eggs/other-things-that-block-your-heart persuasion.  Fien had fun weighing the apples, watching me cut the apples, sneaking slices of apples, and arranging the apples.  Of course by that time, she was bored and wanted to watch Dora.  But then I got her to help me by cutting out shapes with the remaining dough and decorating the top.  And of course she had to put it in the oven...
It's in the fridge right now, but I'll be sure to get a picture of it before it gets gobbled up tomorrow.  We also boiled the rest of the apples in a sugar syrup glaze and had them for dessert with some vanilla ice cream...YUM!
Oh and the ugly brown purple ones we ate that night with a spinach salad.  I ain't ruining no Easter egg hunt with ugliness.  Speaking of...tune in tomorrow for the Easter Egg Hunt blog.  It's sure to most likely be pretty darn adorable.

Word of the day - ei - egg

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  1. Aw, I think that's awesome that you're showing them things we do over here. That's rough! I can't believe they don't have dye kits there!


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