Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Ten: 100th BLOG!!!

Guess what today is?  Today is my 100th POST!!!

Happy Blog Day to me,
Happy Blog Day to me,
Happy Blog Day to 5371 miles awaaaay,
Happy Blog Day to me!!!

Isn’t that exciting?  But what have I even been writing about this entire time?
A whole lotta Fien, that’s for sure.  And aupairing seeing as the two go hand in hand.
And Holland…understandable…and with that home as well.
Also food.  Damn I like food
Fortunately I’ve been able to travel and tell you all about it.  And a lot of times I’m lazy and just do list blogs. (Not unlike this one.)

That seems to be the topics I like discussing.  Apparently.

But what should I do to celebrate?  Cuz fer realsies, I have no clue.  So I’ll just make it a tradition…key blog posts will be nothing more than lists of things that have nothing to do with my blog, but everything to do with the number.
So here’s my…

It's all about the Benjamins baby...
50 states x 2 Senators a piece...
One day I will watch them all...

Lady Gaga is in this years...

National Syndication!


Er...a bloody, drawn out war?

But really, the only one you care about is number 1...

Oh (American) football fields...how I miss you...

And finally...President Obama should call my blog and wish it a happy birthday...

See you tomorrow for another exciting, but not nearly as monumental post!

Word of the day: honderd - hundred


Isn't it amazing how we all live for comments? So please...don't let me starve.


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