Friday, April 16, 2010

KTE: The Silent Killer

It’s time for a second installment of the new hit series, “Know Thine Enemy

This entries perpetrator -


Now I was never one to get sick all the time.  In fact until sixth or seventh grade, I had perfect attendance in school (nerd alert.)  Then as I got older, moved away from home into the dorms, I was always on the go, probably not eating too well, and definitely not keeping a regular sleep schedule, but I rarely got to the point that I would say “I’m sick.”  And maybe it’s because I believed in the magical healing powers of Ny-Quil.  Seriously, at the first cough, the attempt-at-cherry flavored liquid was running down my throat ready to throw down with any and all immune system attacking bugs, be they voiced by Laurence Fishburn, or other.
And yet here I am living a fairly relaxed (be it stressful) life, eating pretty healthy, and in bed by midnight, up at 8 every day, kind of life.  And I am constantly sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and NOT having the best sleep I ever got with a cold.  Because here, there is no Ny-Quil.  Or airborne.  Or ADVIL! (Ok maybe there is a Tylenol type, but I have yet to find it in the house, and I always forget to look when I walk by the drug store.)  For a country that is diagnosed as being way to heavily medicated, the US sure had it going on in the over-the-counter drug department.
But the enemy this week is not the lack of medications available to my heavily addicted body.  It’s the cause for the need of these Rx concoctions that I’m writing about.  Germs are out there.  And when you’re around a two year old, they are not only out there, they are throwing a party.  And when your two year old is around other two year olds two days a week, forget the party, those germs are throwing an all out rave/club/Amsterdam-on-new-years soiree.
But I do what I can to avoid them.  At least I try to.  We wash our hands constantly.  Hand sanitizer has become the most treasured thing in my purse.  And floors, counters, and tables are constantly being wiped down.  But you know what that doesn’t stop?  Holding a two year old on your hip and having her cough while you plead “Cover your mouth!”  Or even better, a lovely sneeze leaving germs everywhere…or maybe itsnot.
But I keep plugging on.  And stuffing up.

Word of the day: Hand voor je mond! – Hand over your mouth!

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