Monday, April 5, 2010

Once Upon a Dream, you were our Guest in Part of our/A Whole New World

Well, I was busy with my April fools and the my explanation of my April fools, and then my two Easter posts, I have yet to tell you about my totally awesome time at
Yea you read it right.  And yea, I was about as excited as it sounds by my effort to type in capitals, and change the size and color of the words. (That’s a lot btw)
Suzan got tickets for her work.  There was a big gala AND we were VIP.  We had front row seats, got special badges, goodies bags, free drinks before hand, walked the pink carpet, the whole nine yards (well the carpet was more like 15 or 20 yards, with a corner in it, but I didn’t have a ruler.)  Since it was princesses, we were supposed to wear pink.  The kids were invited to wear princess/prince/other Disney character outfits.  Fien had a Tinkerbell’s friend outfit from the new Fairy series (which I’m still on the fence about but at least it explains that she’s the daughter of the king of the fairies truly making her a princess.)  I also got a new shirt to wear.  Plus we made some crowns on the day of... 
Plus I got her a Sleeping Beauty necklace.  Can you tell I was excited?  Anyway, Fien looked like a total glamour girl…
And who would have thought she would have hammed up the red carpet like she did?  She absolutely loved it...
And one point we even stopped and danced.  Everyone got a total kick out of it.
I used to go see Disney on Ice all the time.  In fact I think I still have the felt cut outs on sticks somewhere (or they're on Nina’s walls.)  And I definitely still have the Chip snow cone cup from Beauty and the Beast on Ice.  And although I stopped myself from getting another felt cutout or an Ariel snow cone, I did get myself a program…in DUTCH!  But who cares?  All you want to see is the pictures!
When it was time to go in, we settled into our front row seats.  Fien was on Suzan’s lap with me right next to her.  But Rogier came up and told me to move!  I was so sad!  I understand it’s his daughter, but was he going to sing all the songs and explain who everyone was?  NO!  However Suzan just scooted over one and we each sat on either side.  Fien was surprisingly into it the entire time.  We thought she would fall asleep, but she remained awake, clapping, singing, etc. the whole time.  I’m glad I got to see it through her eyes (although mine may have been just as rose tinted.)
The show itself was awesome.  There were seven separate stories connected by Tinkerbell and Mickey and Minnie dancing around.  My favorite was the Little Mermaid one, but that could have just been because she’s my favorite.  Sleeping Beauty was pretty cool too, but when it got to the fight scene, I leaned over and warned Suzan, that Fien would probably not like what was coming next.  At that moment a ten person operated Dragon and fire were brought onto the ice. Just in time!
Even though it was in Dutch, I knew exactly what was going on.  I was even singing along to the songs…in English of course.  As were the actors.  You could tell they were lip-syncing to words which they didn’t have to clue how to say.  Suzan was so surprised that I knew all (seriously…all) the songs.  I had to explain with fond remembrance that I was raised on these movies.
So all was perfect.
Ok except for one thing…and this is something that has always pissed me off…
Sleeping Beauty – Princess from birth
Ariel – Princess from birth
Snow White – Princess from birth
Jasmine – Princess from birth
Cinderella – marries and is then a princess
Belle – marries and is then a princess
Pocahontas (who was not in the show unfortunately) – Indian princess, I’ll allow it
Tiana – I haven’t seen the movie yet…what’s the story there?  Is she one before she becomes a frog? Or after.  Either way, seeing as the name of the movie is the Princess and the Frog, I’m gonna assume it’s legit.
Tinkerbell – already discussed, apparently a princess
Mulan – NOT A PRINCESS!!!  I’m sorry.  Even when she gets married (which I’m assuming happens in Mulan 2?) she marries a general…not the emperor.  Never a princess.  And I hate that she is portrayed as one.

Ok that was the end of my rant.
Back to the awesome night…except I guess that’s it.  I’ll just leave it at, it was amazing.  And now Fien and I sing Disney songs, and next week we’re watching Cinderella (only one not scary for a two year old yes?)

Word of the day: prinses - Princess


  1. You brought tears and wonderful memories when my three small princesses lived under the same roof as myself... these are precious moments so hold onto every is good to be the Queen. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. in princess & the frog she marries a prince and therefore becomes a princess :)

    & i totally hear you on the mulan thing.


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