Sunday, March 28, 2010

Silver is just as good as gold

You are now reading the blog of one half of the legendary Beer Pong team that is…
(not to be confused with Blue Steel which is just the face I'm making)

Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen.  Mags and I went into Amsterdam Friday night to a comedy club called Boom Chicago.  It’s an English-speaking club where many a star (including Seth Meyers) got their start.  When we first got there we saw an amazing comedian Reggie Watts.  That guy is so good!  Look for him!  Watch him!  He will go far!  And they do improv at Boom Chicago.  Which I love!!!  But more importantly, Boom Chicago is a club that hosts a monthly Beer Pong tournament.
Now for many of you who have not been in college in America in the last ten years, Beer Pong is a drinking game that involves, four players, twenty cups, two ping pong balls, and beer…lots and lots of beer.  You take turns throwing the ball into the opponents’ cups, and then drinking.  If you’d like more info…watch this really boring video, or walk into any frat house on a Friday night.
Well, Mags and I were a little nervous.  We had no idea what we were in for.  I have played a couple times, and I've never been very good.  Just ask my father who, along with his best friend, whipped their daughters' butts at the game.  Anyway, Mags and I were surprised to find out that we were the only American team and (not so) surprised that we were the only girl team.  But WE OWNED!!!  You would not believe how well we did.  But I shall tell you anyway…we got second place…OVERALL! We met some way fun people along the way...
Tons of English speaking boys, but all of them from not-America and all of them with lovely accents.  Oh how I love those accents.  Mags was my wingman.  And a very good wingman she was.*  Also we acquired a hat.  It was a cowboy type hat.  And now we have it…
And over 200 pictures of the night because I kept handing my camera to whoever was closest and telling them to take pictures during games...
And 60 Euros for winning second.  So that’s awesome.  Also a whole lot of respect…we won that...NAY...earned that.  And an invitation to come back.  Which we will.  Also we had arm bands if you didn't notice.
When it came to the final round, everyone was cheering us on.  Even after we lost, when we were up on stage and the way everyone was celebrating, you would have thought we were the winners.  Proving that we might have gotten second on paper…but we got first…in their hearts.

*Unfortunately the powers of wingmen do not extend to getting a train to stop being stalled for over an hour in Amsterdam Centraal while trying to get back home at 5 in the morning when all you want to do is sleep and not ride a bike that is too big for you and requires you to hop off every time you want to stop in the hopes of not crashing which happened a couple times anyway.

Word of the Day - winnaar - winner


  1. Freaking awesome. I'm a terrible beer pong player. Give me flip cup or give me the bottle. That sounds like an fun night out. I totally want to go to Amsterdam now.

    Oh and I totally love how you described the boys as being from not-America.

  2. Love Beer Pong! That's awesome that you girls did so well! Congrats! It looks like it was a great night!


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