Sunday, January 10, 2010

Alright Fore Fathers…You WIN!!!

So last night, I met a friend and fellow aupair, Kyra, at the Vomar to buy supplies for dinner. Then we walked to my house with the plan of making dinner, watching a movie, and having a good ol’ time. Well we got home, and I went upstairs to grab my computer. And sometimes when I plug/unplug the computer with it’s current converter there’s a little spark. It’s ok and I’m told it’s nothing to be worried about. Until all the power goes out in your house!!!
That’s right we had a blackout. And I thought it was all my fault. Until I realized that 160,000 other people apparently were also in the dark and I don’t think a tiny MacBook has the capacity for such a widespread problem. Facebook, maybe, but not a computer.
So our plans had to be changed just a little…
-We had no telephone service. Don’t ask me how the two go together except that electricity probably runs the towers…gee who woulda thought?
-We had to rely on my battery to show us the Sex and the City movie, which meant we only got to about New Years before it shut down. Now we’ll never know if Big and Carrie get together!!!
-We had to light a bunch of candles. Including almost lighting an electrical candle, but being unable to tell the difference in the dark. Of course the possible fire that could have happened, probably would have allowed us enough light, so really you can’t complain.
-Since my stove is gas, we were still able to cook. But the spark needed to light the gas is electric. So after near suffocation from different failed attempts at manually lighting the flames and the subsequent inhaling of unburned gas fumes, we finally got a stick wrapped in paper towel on fire and near enough to the stove to light it…without burning our hands thank you very much. Then we made a bomb dinner by candlelight. Mmmm creamy pasta.
-Then since there was really nothing else to do, we opened some wine. I’m proud to say the bottle is not empty.
-It was really dark out so we finally called it a night. There was barely a moon and it was nowhere to be seen. There was nothing to do and it felt like it was 3 in the morning. Her phone told us it was 10:00…
-My phone died and I had no way of charging it and my alarm clock obviously wasn’t working so I had no idea what time I would wake up. There was nothing to do…I didn’t even have enough light to read.
-I had to put on extra layers because the heaters weren’t working either which meant I was in for a -5°C night.
-I went to bed around 10:30 only to be woken up at 3:00 by the sudden power surge that turned on my bedroom light when the power came back. Man it scared me…talk about heading towards the light.
I really don’t know how people did it without electricity. I had no phone, no computer, no TV, barely a stove, and not enough light to read. I don’t get it, and now I have immense respect for that dude who wrote that paper by candlelight (you know the one that begins “We the People…”)

Word of the Day: Stroomstoring – Power Failure


  1. thats craaaaazy! i also heard there was a blackout in amsterdam but we didn't have it. and when i googled "amsterdam blackout" it's also a mixed drink with jager + bacardi 151 + absinthe! hahahahhaha ewww.

  2. Just stopping by from SITS! So sorry you experienced a blackout last night. Sounds as if you coped pretty well despite the circumstances. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Blackouts sure can be disorienting...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    If George Costanza Can Do It...


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