Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

Today is Epiphany which means it's officially been the twelve days of Christmas. That's right. All y'all out there though it started Dec. 14th and end on the 25th didn't you. Well actually, the Twelve Days Of Christmas start ON Christmas ending January 5th...Twelfth Night.
Which has nothing to do with the play by Shakespeare btdubs. I mean, apparently it does and was written to be performed on Twelfth Night, but trust me I ran sound cues for that show for four straight weeks...there ain't nothin about it. Apparently there's a tradition to "reverse things" on Twelfth Night which does happen in the play...but that's about as close as you're gonna get. Just because you write something to open on a date doesn't mean you call it that. Otherwise we'd have nothing but plays whose names have dates for titles, and I know there are more than 365 plays out there.
Ok, back to in this tradition, apparently you are supposed to have your Christmas tree starting the 24th (Christmas Eve) and ending on Twelfth Night. Of course, I got mine a lot sooner (as did the rest of world because they're all picked over if you don't), but I was forced to still took it down today. Which is always sad. And all you're left with is an empty space on your table and in your heart, 23 birds, 50 slave driven men and women, a pear tree, and five (probably knock off) rings...
But it's ok because I filled that void with a Lady Gaga dance party with Fien. That's right, Fien can now sing "Pa-pa-pa-poker face, pa-pa-Poker Face." This is what I do to children.
This officially being the end of Christmas, I want to thank everyone who wished me joy in the holidays, spent them with me, sent me cards, etc.  It truly made my Holiday away from home special.  Although I was unable to spend it with my family, I had a wonderful support system, as well as wonderful technology that made my family just a "phone call" away.  Man I love skype.
So on that note...

Word of the Day: Driekoningenavond - Twelfth Night

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  1. saw you on SITS and had to stop in! Great blog and how cool that you are getting to live in the Netherlands! I would LOVE to go there and visit. Enjoy it! Happy friday!


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