Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Enough is Enough!

It has come to my attention that I watch too much TV. I kind of already did that at home, and for that I blame blockbuster online, but I had friends, and meetings, and rehearsals, and things to do. But now, I really have nothing to do. And all you moms out there I know are like “Oh poor you” but all I can do is I sit on my butt at the end of the day and head over to 112 1/2 Beacon St. Unfortunately (and rather pathetically,) I’m getting close to finishing. I’m not going to say what season I’m on, because trust me, Mom would not be proud, but let’s just say that since starting, I have watched way more than is healthy for me. I can’t go out a lot, because I’ll just end up spending money. I don’t know many people in Noordwijk and to go somewhere else also costs money. So it is time for me to branch out…So I need activities…which is where you come in. I need you to recommend…

Books - any and all. Fiction, Non Fiction, Political, Biographical, Humorous, Enlightening. What books have you read recently? Tell me. And then I’ll read them and maybe even write about them. It’ll be great. What would be even better is if I can find them in English at the local library…apparently they have some. Hmmm…maybe I’ll go there tomorrow…
Websites – Are there any websites that would help me make better use of my time? Not addicting games, or Texts from last night, I mean things MORE worthwhile than the constant sitcom stream I’m experiencing now.
Music – This way I can have that on in the background instead of a TV show.
Activities - Cheap and easy things that take a while…like more than a day. I like having projects. Things to do around my house. Granted you’ve never seen it, but just know that I could always use more decorations.
Games – I’m almost done with my kakuro book. I need a new one or other game so at least when I watch TV, I’m also stimulating my brain. That way I don’t get Alzheimer’s and end up like that Rachel McAdams. Because after watching that movie, I began doing puzzles, and my mom did crosswords. Forget the adorable love story…we just don’t want the ending to happen to us.
Letters – Send me one! Or ask me to send you one. And then we can be penpals. And I’ll write instead of email. Because really if you got a card, you know it’d make you happy.
A boy – because really, maybe that’s all I need :-D

Ok ready set…go!! Help me fellow bloggers! Because until you do, it’s back to that Boston Bar I love so much. Actually, until I finish…and then Frasier of course…and then some other one I’m sure…but it’ll be over an extended period of time I promise.

Word of the Day: verveeld - bored


  1. Take advantage of that museumkaart! There are a couple of really good ones in Leiden: Naturalis is awesome (and good for kids too), Molen de Valk is really informative for the whole windmill thing, and I only saw a little of the boerhaave, but I liked it.

    You should also start drawing. Make Cliff proud. I started sketching things I saw when I was there (including people on trains, although this requires a lot of time and stealth), it is nice to look back on.

    Also, a couple of times, I would look on google earth for pretty lakes or open land near you and just plan a bike trip. Always fun.

    But good luck and keep having fun.

  2. I'm relocating to Australia in four months what's the hardest thing you've had to face so far and the most rewarding

  3. http://www.ted.com/ <---It is all kinds of awesome.


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