Friday, January 22, 2010

Becasue the internet said it was so...

I am off on my first European adventure tomorrow!!!  That’s right, after sitting around on my butt for two and a half months, I am taking said butt on a airplane up north to the land of Danes.  Yep…Denmark!  Copenhagen to be exact and I’m so excited!!!  I’m going to see one of my really good family friends, Mark.  He’s living in Denmark right now because he decided to take advantage of his Duel citizenship and LEAVE US!!  Kidding...sort of.  Some of you might remember in my January “Piece of Me” entry, I described him as my fiancé with that whole story to come later.  And I think perhaps the time is now!
My mom and Yvonne met somehow…I actually don’t know that story.  All I know is suddenly, a group of “yaaadies” (as my younger brother-who was at one point, adorable-would call them) would come over every week and they would sew.  The ladies are still besties over fifteen years later…
In the summer, I would go over to Yvonne’s where she also ran a day care.  It was at this point that my mom and Yvonne were bffs and I was falling in love with her son.  Actually it was Torben, the younger one, and actually he was my first boyfriend, and actually why I ever gave him up I’ll never know. Oh what being a twelve year old will do to a girl. :-D
So our parents got to the point of their friendship where clothes that children had grown out of went to the children in the other family.  So David got most of them but for some reason, I stole all of the button up shirts to wear tied around my waist – it was the 90s so don’t judge.  Anyway, they all had Mark’s initials in them – MC, and our parents used to joke that I was wearing my boyfriend’s clothes. (Fun fact – Torben’s actual first name is Maurice…ooo something to think about.)
So then flash forward not too long and I’m on the internet doing those things that middle schoolers do – take lots of fun quizzes and email everyone on your contact list the results and tell them to pass it on or they will have a horrible love life for the next seven years.  This one particular quiz I was taking, was going to give me the name of the man I was destined to marry…and it informed me it was “Mark.” (So what I did dating a Sean, John, or Will, I’ll never know.)  At the moment I was thinking, I don’t know a Mark… DING DONG! Who’s at the door?  Why it’s Yvonne!  “Gasp! YVONNE!  The internet says I’m going to marry Mark!” “Well of course, I would never doubt it.”  And a betrothment was born.
For years (by years I mean over 10 seeing as this is still going on) Yvonne would introduce me as her future daughter-in-law.  Even to whomever I was dating at the time.  But I don’t mind.  Mark will always be my fiancé, Torben my boyfriend, and Yvonne, my future mother-in-law.
BTW…this is me and Mark…I know, we’re adorable…

I have not decided if I’m taking my computer with me.  So maybe I’ll see you tomorrow, or maybe I will see you Monday.  But I’ll be back…with pictures.

Word of the day: bezig - engaged


  1. How fun! Have to admit, I'm a tad jealous, stuck as I am in Room 215 until June. Hope your trip is wonderful! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    After the Storm

  2. haha mom was drunk


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