Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Eve Statistics

I sat in front of my computer for a long time trying to figure out how to put into words the intensity that is New Years in Amsterdam.  Recounting it all in paragraph form wouldn’t do it justice.  But then again, not being there doesn’t do it justice.  I have one word for you – fireworks.  And another one – legal.  And maybe two more – FOR EVERYONE!!!  And I’m not just talking about some kid with a sparkler…I mean, fireworks that go up in the air and explode like you’d think only Disneyland can do.  Except in this case, instead of a highly trained team of Mickey Machines, it’s any drunken fool with a lighter and two feet of clearance.
But I still can’t put it into words.  So instead of trying I’m going to give you the stats…New Years Eve in Amsterdam 2009 consisted of…

3...awesome girls who celebrated new years together...

7…times I had to make like the black knight and die while Lily’s ward Peer attacked me with a foam sword and then stole my hat

2…times we went to Walk to Wok for delicious stir fry
40…euros the classy bottle of champagne given to us by Lily’s family cost…

7…euros the bottle I bought cost
10…minutes we spent trying to get my bottle open because it required a corkscrew but wasn't an actual cork…

6.5…pieces of cake eaten
5…euros it cost to get into the club
1980…the decade of music the club was supposed to be playing
2000…the decade the club actually played
2…euros the coat check woman charged us for two coats even though she only gave us one hanger.
70…probable age of the coat check woman
40…age the coat check woman should have stopped working at a bar on new years
50…cents it cost to use the bathroom
1…time I had to use the bathroom
3…times I opted to just "hold it"
1/2…price long island ice teas were discounted
3…beers we got for free
3…number of the World War that seemed to start at midnight
3…feet I was away from exploding fireworks (not by choice)…

360…degrees you could turn and see fireworks in the sky...

5…different accessories I acquired during the evening… dance faces I discovered...

15…rough number of men in the club who lost their shirt at some point in the evening
25…estimated number of men Lily and I had to ward off per minute
1…estimated number of men we didn’t want to ward off
10…pounds Lily’s bike lock weighs that she threatened to shank someone with if they didn’t leave us alone
8...hours my sprite bottle was attached to my bike and not stolen...

4…time we got home
0…number of cutting boards we had at our disposal to make guacamole causing us to sit on the floor with a towel
1,70…amount lily paid to try her first cup of coffee in three years
5…cups of coffee I had on January first
68 million…amount spent by the Dutch on fireworks this year
240 thousand…kilos of fireworks confiscated by police
2400…rough number of “incidents” on new years eve
8 million…estimated euro amount of public damage done on new years
2…police men injured trying to put out a bonfire while being simultaneously pelted with crackers (???)
350…people arrested
22…men admitted into hospitals with firework-related eye injury
8500…crazy people who celebrate the new year by going swimming in the ocean
3…firework explosions I’m still hearing per hour
0...number of resolutions I've made

Does this explain to you my night?  I hope it does.  If not…come to Amsterdam next year and experience it for yourself.
Happy New Year everyone!
Tomorrow…making resolutions time!

Photos once again courtesy of Lily-Margaret!

Word of the day: gelukkig nieuwjaar – Happy New Year


  1. 0...the amount of pictures you take!! get a camera crazy girl!

  2. and seriously we were out in that crazy party for 8 hours?! hahahaha what a night!


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