Monday, January 18, 2010

Make it a Better Place

Well I kind of made my last blog all about me, so today, I’m making it about others!
There are tons of causes out there.  Some of which you support, some of which you are strongly opposed to, and some of which you know nothing about. Some are political based on your beliefs and your resolve that one candidate or issue is better than another. Some are based on current events like the recent tragedy in Haiti.
I support many causes which some of you may or may not agree with.  But I decided to post a couple links to things that I think as a person, you should care about (especially since most of these don’t cost any money.)  So check them out, and pass it on.
Make the world a better place a couple clicks at a time.


This is probably my most advocated cause.  You’ll notice the link on my sidebar as well.  With one click you can help fund free mammograms.  Make it your homepage and just click every time you go online without having to even think about it.  Attached to this site is also the Hunger Site, Literacy Site, and the Animal Shelter Site, which also have pages where clicks help.  And if you buy something from the store, you help even more!

This site allows you to choose a card, then choose or create a message, and Xerox will print and mail it at no cost to you to our troops.  Whether you’re for or against the war, support our troops.  Check out the one I sent -

The two women at their blogs listed above are “collecting” comments and donating money to the March of Dimes based on the number of comments they collect.  Make sure to visit both since they are operating independently from each other.
This site is all about connecting with cancer patients and sending them words of encouragement and cheerfulness.  Although it does involve sending letters, can you really compare the cost of stamp to motivation in the struggle against cancer?

I can’t actually join this year based on lack of book availability, but basically, you sign up to become an online book penpal with a student.  Teachers sign up their whole class who then choose books based on different genres.  These books are generally really quick reads – it usually took me less than a day – and I found them all at the library (ask your kids to check their school library too.)  The site even helps you write the letters.  And don’t worry about it being the middle of the school year.  Teachers were signing up all year round when I did it.  You end up reading four to five books a year and you get to create an anonymous connection with a kid over a dying art form.
 *note – you have to pay for a background check.  But I found, if you fill out the registration and then stop before you complete it, within a week's time, they send you a coupon code to waive the fee.  You still have to have the background check done, but if you’re worried about $14.95 or so, it’s just a little hint.

Answer quiz questions and vote for your state to receive funding for books for the public education system.  Who cares if you haven’t read all the books?  Getting a question wrong isn’t going to affect children’s literacy, but getting one right, just might.

And while we're at it, donate to Haiti.  You can go online, call, text, mail, anything...but if you can...HELP!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these links - I love literacy programs, and I'd never even heard of Cheerios! Have a great day! Stopping by from SITS. :)

  2. good stuff- I belong to spirit jump!

  3. That's great! Those charities all sound great. Funny, charity is actually what the post on my blog is about too :)

    Stopping by from SITS.


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