Thursday, January 21, 2010

So He Waved Goodbye, Saying Don't You Cry...

Well as they say in the age old song…Frosty is Dead.  Ok maybe they don’t say that.  All they do is simply hint that the ice will begin to unfreeze, and just like the Wicked Witch, water is Frosty’s worst enemy.  That’s right…he is his own worst enemy.  Much like Christian Slater.  Except unlike Christian Slater, Frosty will be back again some day... But then there's also the sun.  Maybe there’s like a competition between ice and the sun although according to one of those science classes I took once, I’m pretty sure you should put all your money on the Sun.
Ok, clearly the lack of not freezing weather is causing me to start going crazy. Or maybe it’s the failure to have written a legitimate biographical post in about a week and I’m out of practice…it’s not like riding a bike people…I forget things quickly. Or it’s the fact that I have a tendency to pick at my fingernails causing my index finger’s lack of nail to writhe in pain with each word I type…BUT I DO IT FOR YOU READERS!!!  Well regardless, the point of that first sentence all the way up there at the top is that the snow is gone.  And it ain’t comin’ back.  At least to Noordwijk.  It’s still snowing all over Europe for another couple months and I plan on visiting it too!  So in honor of the lack of snow, I give you…

THE LAST SNOW DAY (in pictures)

All bundled up and ready to go…

Time to make snowballs…

Go Fien!  Throw it!!!

Or smash it on the wall…

Take a picture with me Fien!

Ok fine I’ll take one by myself.

Ok now take one with Mama.

Hey Fien!  The sled is empty!

Well then Mama, you sit down!

Pull Fien, Pull!!!

The way every walk should end...covered in snow

I’m glad I got to go on such a fun girl’s walk before it all melted away, or was driven over too much, or created a frozen tundra of un-walkable ice.  It was a great way to bid farewell to my first (and you can bet your ass, last) frozen winter.

Word of the day: slee - sled


  1. Oh, I was hoping for a snow day today, but all we got was rain. Oh, well! Thanks so much for sharing these Superior Snaps. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did...

    Mrs. Scribe Reviews...


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