Monday, January 11, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen...FIEN!!!

Today’s entry is all about Fien!  Because she’s awesome and we’re homegirls.
Fien and I have been getting closer and closer every day.  Her English gets better and better too.  Although whenever I ask her to say something in English she just says “Hello Libby.”  Or she quotes Dora.  Which I have to admit, I do too…a lot.  That girl and her monkey will be the death of me.  Fien and I have arguments about how much Dora to watch.  We usually settle things with a staring contest…
Today we once again had a lady gaga dance party in my house and then put away threw on the floor all my clothes from the laundry.  At least this time it wasn't the entire contents of my purse...
Apparently my drawer organization was not to her liking.  What my t-shirts were doing in a different drawer from my socks and my red scarf, I’ll never know, but I’m glad Fien cleaned it up for me.  Now I know exactly where to find everything.  I even made up a poem…it goes like this..

Sweaters go in the baskets that used to hold my hats
The pair of socks that I like is in the second drawer.
Underwear is obviously next to sweaters…well duh
And jeans are on shelves two three and four.

This poem goes on and on.  It’s pretty helpful in remembering.  Also sometimes I sing it.
Speaking of singing…
In my opinion, since you don’t know what she’s saying (unless you speak Dutch,) doesn’t she remind you of Boo from Monster’s Inc (minus the hair color)?  Especially when dressed in this cool outfit…
 So we’re pretty close.  In fact sometimes a little too close…
Today she drew a picture of “Mama Suz, Papa Rogier, Fien, AND Libby!”  Of course it kind of just looked like a bunch of lines.  Although I gotta admit, I looked good!  Speaking of looking good, we take pretty cool pictures together…
But even more she likes taking pictures.  Oh did I forget to mention she’s also a photographer?  That’s right…here are some of her never before seen proofs.  ©Fien…
Well there you go.  I hope this information has provided you with adequate proof that I take care of one of the coolest two year olds ever.  End of story.  See y’all tomorrow!

Word of the Day: schat - darling


  1. awww! en we zingen en we springen en wij zijn zo blij! want er zijn geen stoute kinderen bij!

  2. Aren't you lucky to have such help?! What a cutie!

  3. She's an adorable little kiddo! Thanks for sharing these Superior Snaps...SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    Economic Stimulus Package

  4. She is too darn cute! And I totally see the resemblance with the little girl in Monster's Inc. What a good movie!

  5. She's cute, and I too see that she resembles boo in moster's inc haha! lovely! and yes, she is really een schat!



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