Sunday, January 3, 2010

Throwing Rhyme (and reason) out the window

Last year really seemed like it was gonna be my year.  In fact the Yacht Club and I started out the year with the motto “Ish gonna be fine in 2009!” And it was…it was a fantastic year in fact.
But now it’s 2010.  And I feel I need a motto to get me through it.  But the only cool things that rhyme with that are “big fat hen,” “opium den,” and “ESPN.”  Then I thought of, “Let’s here it for the men in 2010!” But that just makes me sound like a word that I don’t think Grandma wants me writing on here.  And “Everything will be zen in 2010.”  But that’s just a lie!  I take care of a two year old…trust me everything will NOT be zen. Of course I guess I could say “Let’s do it all again in 2010,” but dude, I can’t afford another plane ticket, I already got my diploma in the mail, and you can only go to Mexico so many times (one of the many gift/curses of living in California.)
So, I’m getting over the whole motto and resolution thing.  I’ve kept two last resolutions in my life.  One was stupid…wear mismatching socks whenever possible.  But that was 10 years ago and I don’t really do that anymore.  And the other was to cut back almost entirely my soda intake, which I can proudly say I’ve done.  But other than that, I’ve never really even made a resolution much less kept it.
So instead of a list of my resolutions followed by countless blogs about how I’m breaking them, I’ve decided to present you with a list of things that I’m looking forward to/planning to do…

Traveling – I still have yet to see the rest of Europe.  I have ten months, a great travel book, and a fairly decent credit limit.
Learning Dutch – well, continue learning it.  I want to be able to speak it in everyday setting so I don’t sit like a zombie while people around me hold conversations.
Seeing friends – I fortunately have a couple contacts all around this continent.  It’ll be nice to see old friends (not to mention exploit these friendships for a free place to stay.)
Snowboarding – in the Alps.  Take that Big Bear suckaz.
Bunjee Jumping – why not?
Getting a tattoo – maybe…we’ll see…really I just said that to freak my mother out when she reads this…maybe ;-)
Turning 24 – holy crap
Becoming super European – so I can pull off most fashion styles even Nina has yet to try
Buying a bike – I love riding bikes here.  So maybe I'll buy one.  And then I can continue it once I get home…on my cute Oma Fiet that I bring back with me (shipped for free!)
Going home – although I’m having a blast and will continue to do so for the next ten months, come November I’ll be happy to be back with my family in Union City
Getting my own place – yea yea I’m back home, time for me to move out (living on your own will do that to a girl)
Movies – being able to see then when they actually come out, not five months later with Dutch titles.  Oh and they’ll also be for free since Mom’s got the hookup
Applying to Grad Schools – it’ll be difficult while I’m abroad, I gotta figure out what I’m doing or I’ll never be motivated to go back to school.

That’s what 2010 has in store for me.  I think I can safely say, “Ish gonna be fine in 2010”…and I’m writing it down with a big fountain pen…

Word of the day: rijm - rhyme

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  1. 2010 seems like it's going to be a wonderful year for you!

    Most won't be in 2010, but I'm hoping to get a tattoo, go snowboarding, go bunjee jumping, and buy a bike when I move to CA.


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